Dental Program

Healthy Seniors Dental Program

The Healthy Seniors Dental Program was designed to provide a solution to the dental and oral health care needs of residents of nursing homes that in the past may not have been met because of an inability for these residents to obtain access to dental care.

23% of Americans between the ages of 65 and 74 have severe periodontal disease and research has pointed to possible associations between chronic oral infections and diabetes, heart and lung disease, and stroke.

The Healthy Seniors Dental Program provides your nursing home with a solution to these oral and dental care problems by having a dentist come to the facility to provide your residents with dental services. The Healthy Seniors Dental Program does not require deductibles or co-pays as long as the resident receives care from the Program's Network Dentist. All residents of the facility are eligible to participate in the Healthy Seniors Dental Program.

For additional information on the Healthy Seniors Dental Program and how it can help you and the residents at your facility please contact:

Dental Program Representative
Healthy Seniors Dental Program
2200 Woodcrest Place, Suite 250
Birmingham, AL 35209

Telephone: 1-800-239-1327 Extension 2590